“A Draw - In The Bowery” - Watercolored lithography
© The American Lithograph Company, Broadway, N.Y. (NYC)

Jay Hambidge: Illustrator, writer, mathematician

Edward John (Jay) Hambidge (1867–1924) was a Canadian born American artist, writer and mathematician. He is best known for his chef-d’oeuvre The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry: a book published 2 years after his death (in 1926), which is based on a series of arithmetical studies and geometrical designs. The ideas that Hambidge collected in his […]

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia: the celestial inspires Video Games

The Hagia Sophia (from the Greek “Holy Wisdom”), located in Istanbul (ex Costantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire), is probably the epitome of “the celestial in architecture.” The basilica was designed in 537 AD over a preexisting building by Isidore of Miletus (a scientists) and Anthemius of Tralles (a mathematician), in obedience to Emperor […]

casa batllò

Gaudi inspired by Byzantine art?

The mosaic from the entrance wall of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna (Italy, ca. 425), represents Christ as a Good Shepherd. The figure of Christ, which is placed in the middle of the mosaic, is seated on a rock and he leans against a golden cross. He’s beardless and wearing a golden and […]


Feminine manliness: the Snake Goddess seduces the world

Elegant and attractive, the so-called “Snake Goddess” shows her femininity through features which are generally conferred within the domain of men: power and virility. The 131/2 inches tall symmetric faïence figurine, dated 1600 BCE, was found (fragmented) in 1903 by the British archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans on the site of the of Knossos’ palace, in […]


WP – Edit default comment-link for Disqus comments

The fix for the default WordPress comments_popup_link() function is pretty simple. The fix allows to link the comments baloon placed above your post to the Disqus comments at the bottom of your article. This page is a live demo so you can see how it works (not in the mobile version). Here’s the fix: STEP […]


Venus of Willendorf: the brazen Venus

It’s called Venus of Willendorf and it’s a 30.000 years old lady. The four inches tall woman is a fine porous oolitic limestone statuette found about 30 meters above the Danube river (Austria) in 1908. Due to her age and her prominent female features she became the main symbol of the Paleolithic art, obtaining a […]

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WP – Change excerpt length in WordPress

There is more than one way to change the excerpt length in a WordPress Post. I collected all the working methods to change the default excerpt (55) to whatever you need. Solution 1 – Excerpt length in “wp-includes” PROS: Fast and easy. CONS: This will be applied to every category and archive, including the blog […]


Art, Marketing & Art of Marketing. Being evergreen.

This is my first Marketing post. STOP I think it will be hard at first. STOP I guess I have to stop to put a STOP each line, you may think I don’t know what to write about it. Ok, I will tell you the truth. For me it’s not so easy to talk about […]

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva

A DOOR WITH NO VIEW – Secret places of the Church.

I took this shot in Rome, near the Pantheon. Usually, photographer and tourists in that area are attracted by the great and famous monuments around. Moreover, the area is characterized by imponent buildings with bright colors (orange, yellow, red) and, for that reason, a small little black door goes in background. That’s the reason why […]


Hello World! Code is poetry, MARKUP IS ART!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! I decided to write my first blog post on the default one, instead of deleting it. You may will ask: “why are you doing it? “. Well, just cuz the content of it it’s thinly geek. I love the WordPress […]