ART IMHO Thoughts, words, and doodles by Mirta Rotondo


Type study: Futura by Paul Renner


Project Type: Gridded poster compositions Year: 2017 The objective of this project was to create a set of gridded poster compositions that emphasized the physical form of a pre-selected type and the historical context in which the typeface was created. Requirements: use the typeface only (not any of its permutations: bold, italic, compressed, and so forth); not include illustrations or...

Jay Hambidge: Illustrator, writer, mathematician


Edward John (Jay) Hambidge (1867–1924) was a Canadian born American artist, writer, and mathematician. He is best known for his chef-d’oeuvre The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry: a book published 2 years after his death (in 1926). The book is based on a series of arithmetical studies and geometrical designs. The ideas that Hambidge collected in his book -which had been strongly influenced by the...

WP – Change excerpt length in WordPress


There is more than one way to change the excerpt length in a WordPress Post. I collected all the working methods to change the default excerpt (55) to whatever you need. Solution 1 – Excerpt length in “wp-includes” PROS: Fast and easy. CONS: This will be applied to every category and archive, including the blog homepage. Source: It’s Called Web Design Go into “wp...

ART IMHO Thoughts, words, and doodles by Mirta Rotondo


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