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google incognito mode

Google Chrome Incognito Mode Wallpaper

Pages you view in Google Chrome Mr. Incognito window won’t appear in your top-secret browser history or shameful search history, and they won’t leave other white bunny tracks on your computer after you close the Mr. Incognito window. Any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved, however. Going incognito doesn’t affect the […]


Tribute to Michael Jackson. It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White.

Michael Jackson Tribute Wallpaper Download it! I hope you enjoy the Illustration i made as a tribute for MJ. R.I.P. Yes We’re One And The Same. It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White.

bacco caravaggio illustrazione

Tribute to Caravaggio – Bacco revisited

Hello! My name is Bacco (in English Liber or Bacchus) and I’m the god of wine, according to the Roman classical mythology. I’m also know as Dionysus, one of the twelve Olympians of Greek mythology. I get famous because of my madness. I’m a a red-hot womanizer (that’s why I’m still in vogue, I guess.) […]

spaghetti cable

Mmmmhh.. delicious! Nerds are hungry night and day…

Here is a series of shots I made some years ago. I’ve been inspired because while eating in front of my laptop I saw a black-sexy cable smiling at me (Hey I’m not joking! It was really smiling!!!) Ok, maybe not. Maybe I was a bit tired.. a Here’s the final image. Enjoy your meal!


Spiral obsession

I’m obsessed by the spiral. Logarithmic spiral. The logarithmic spiral is everywhere. The logarithmic spiral is math. The logarithmic spiral is art. The logarithmic spiral is ever-moving. The logarithmic spiral is past and future. The logarithmic spiral is life. I hate calculations. I love math. The logarithmic spiral is everywhere and it’s beautiful. Unconsciously. It’s […]

martian headsets

Tribute to Joel Spolsky – How I imagine the setting of Martian Headsets

A few months ago, while chilling with my friend Maghis, we came up with the “web standards” topic. So, he suggested me to read an article by Joel Spolsky called “Martian headsets”. In that days I was working on a project in which the generated content of the webpages was variable, depending on the user […]